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What Edmonton Cart Service Provides to Our Customers?

Serving Edmonton and Vicinity Since 1971

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We Provide:

  • 24 hours / 7 days a week service
  • All necessary repairs to shopping carts, etc. in our modern shop
  • Supply parts and maintain shopping / stocking carts and various meat rack and flat deck as well
  • Warranty depot for Cari-All Carts
  • Warranty depot for Carttronics Wheels

We have over 30 years of providing service to our numerous customers in the large Food Chains, Department Store Chains as well as the smaller Independent Stores, or business requiring our specific service.

We look forward to discussing your cart requirements or questions.  Please call, fax or e-mail Edmonton Cart Service Ltd. for any additional information or quotes regarding our services.


Produce Cart
Produce Cart

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Stock Truck

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Hand Truck Wheel

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Replacement Bearings

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