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Edmonton Cart Service Ltd. -- Cart Retrievals for the Edmonton Area!

Serving Edmonton and Vicinity Since 1971

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Our Cart Retrieval Service Provides:

  • Customers with negotiable rates
  • Fleet of well maintained trucks
  • Drivers equipped with cell phones for immediate response
  • 24 hour service / 7 days a week
  • Excellent knowledge of the City
  • Drivers bonded and cargo insured


  • One cost of a shopping cart ranges from $100 each
  • For every cart not picked up means that much of a loss to the individual store or company
  • If carts are not retrieved on a regular basis they become damaged, requiring maintenance and repair that can become costly

    Damaged Cars
    Damaged Cars

  • Some carts that are abandoned and not retrieved usually end up in garbage bins or the city landfill resulting in a totally preventable loss
  • With our fleet of trucks covering the entire city daily we are able to return carts that stray a long distance outside your marketing area

Cart Graveyard
Cart Graveyard
Abandoned Cart
Abandoned Carts
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Damaged Carts

If we can prevent a good piece of these four main shopping cart problems, this in return will result in a substantial saving to your replacement costs or repair expenses.

With our service you would have immediate results with regard to shopping cart loss, damage, and maintaining a constant inventory of carts.  In return your customers would be equipped with carts for shopping and keep your surrounding area free of stray carts for a more pleasant environment.

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